Investing in Gold

How to invest in gold?
Gold is a precious metal that has always been linked to economics and investment. From ancient times until today, its value has experienced great growth and is considered as a safe haven against inflation, deflation or currency devaluation. The demand is greater year after year with an increasingly lower supply so that the price of gold tends to increase, but also its strong speculative use has created a bubble of gold that causes its value to be corrected downwards in certain Moments.

Today investing in gold is no longer a practice reserved for large investors, financial institutions, and retail investors have enough tools to take advantage of the movements of their prices. Instead of investing in physical gold one of the best ways to make a profit from value changes is to invest in gold using CFDs (what are CFDs?) Through an online broker.

The advantages of this method to invest in gold are as follows:

Agility: When investing in gold using CFDs, we can profit from the price oscillations without having to buy it physically. Just open an account with an online broker that allows investing in gold and in a few clicks we can be performing operations.

Security: By not buying the gold physically, we do not need to guard it, so it is a much safer way if we want to profit from the price oscillations.

When you invest in gold with CFDs, you can open a buying position (if you believe that the price of gold is going to rise to close it later with a sale) or open a sales position ( If you think that the price of gold will lower to close it later with a purchase). In this way you can get profits in both bullish and bearish moments when investing in gold physically you would only gain if its value rises with respect to the price at which you bought it.

Maximize your profits with leverage: Thanks to the leverage you can invest with a greater amount of gold depositing only a small part of the total of the operation as a guarantee. For example with a leverage of 1: 100 you can invest with € 10,000 of gold alone depositing € 100 as collateral.

Start investing in gold with small amounts: Many broker online terpercaya allow you to open trading accounts to invest in gold with a very small deposit, for example € 100 or even less. This way you can start investing in small amounts and optimize your investment strategy without putting a larger capital at risk. In addition you also have the possibility to open a demo account to familiarize yourself with the trading platform and implement your gold investment strategy before depositing real money.

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