Minimizing Losses in Investing

As a Financial Planner and Financial Planner / Advisor stand alone :) I never tired to remind that the investment product contains risks. Let us recall the meaning of High Risk High Return? Less is more meaningful, the higher the investment returns we earn, so the higher the risk as well. The question is, if so, if we are to gain from the high investment, mean that we must bear high risks also donk? One thing to always remember is that we are not a single investment business also have a risk that is not 100%.

By because there is a risk, therefore we have to do the analysis before investing time in order to minimize the risk of such investments (not to get rid of). One theory to downplay the risks that often we hear, and that is often used is what is meant by diversification. To be sure you've heard the following meanings donk "Do not put Eggs in One Basket" That means if we have a lot of egg not to put a whole egg in one basket. So if the basket falls so the eggs will not break all

Neither the investment world. To decrease the risk of investment, so do not put the investment we're just in one product alone. Investment can be done by means of an investment product that has been offered by financial institutions and financial product or wearing non-financial product. Wearing a combination of some of these products can also reduce the risk.

Most of product non-financial that can be used in investing is like, property (residences, apartments, shops, kiosks, etc.), motor vehicles, gold / precious metals (jewelry and gold pieces / bars), diamond and jewelry worth , Beyond that for some groups of specific wear paintings, antiques, and there are many other products that can be used also as an investment vehicle. As for product finance, there are many kinds, including product banks, such as savings, deposits and SBI, product capital markets such as shares, debt securities (bonds), mutual funds, foreign exchange (currency), indexes, futures and many more products investing both offered by way of local games that are sold abroad.

The combination of the financial product and non-finance can help minimizing the risks that will arise future. For example, the stock fell and crushed stock price bln period. July s / d September which even precious metals prices ever rise high enough. Although further precious metals also chimed down, however in a state of stocks fell the entire way, the investment we have already planted when it does not go down too deep. That's one example of the advantages of diversification. Although teachers bleak investor Warren Buffett once said that diversification is needed for people who do not know what they were doing (in the investment purpose).

In a specific level, diversification is not just done by means of an investment product, while in Indonesia however can also use the product or investment by some countries. However we must also be vigilant, because the decline in the exchange in a country sooner or later would be at risk in other countries. The combined endpoint on financial products as well as non-financial is recommended. Until now, the market is down, we do not need to worry as people suddenly become poor.

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