How to grow your trading account slowly but surely

The key to becoming a profitable trader and grow sustainably your account is consistency. Consistency is synonymous length, strength, to build something stable and enduring over time, that will not easily go away.

When a trader start investing, most mistakes that are related to their emotions, impatience and poor risk management. These errors can lead to ruin your trading account in much less time than you think. So, at first, most important should not be thinking about winning but rather not to blow your account through the air at the first change, hold and at the same time learn from mistakes.

When you start a project, either delve into the world of trading or any other facet of life such as your professional activity, business, sports, ... on the road going to go through good times but also by many times bad cause you disappointment, frustration and desire to leave. If you surrender, you get impatient or not set your goals medium and long term never get succeed in anything.

That consistency, not a momentary success without really knowing why or taking a very high risk that sooner or later end up turning against you but to build something solid, good foundation, strong and stamina builds and improves with Over time.

How I can become a consistent trader?

1. Start by learning the basics, namely defend yourself and to become familiar with the scene around you.

2. Open a demo account with an online broker and start investing without risking your money, operating with virtual money.

3. Take the demo account seriously, as if it were a real account in which your money would be at stake and gradually go build your own trading system. As you performing operations'll learn to recognize when to enter the market and when not to, set correctly the stop loss and take profit ... The best trading system is that you build for yourself as it is made to measure and will make you feel comfortable. In your hand is to change what does not work and you fully exploit what if you do well. A winning system for a trader can be an absolute failure in the hands of another trader. Create your system gradually learns based operate and improve it.

4. You must be realistic and assume that some of your operations will cause you losses, especially at the beginning when you are more inexperienced, but also when and take time operating this will happen. It is impossible to succeed 100% of the time and is part of the game. You have to accept it and relativize, like when you hit and you get benefits. Well set the stop loss and risk only a small percentage of your account on each trade will allow you to move forward and not to shake your account every time a position is closed with losses. No matter how much profit you've got, you should keep these rules in a manner "consistent".

5. When you begin to profit on a regular basis you should try to keep stably for at least a couple of months. In short, you must be consistent before starting to open a real account precipitously. You do not autoconvenzas you're ready and let it be your transaction history which show it to you.

6. Open a real trading account with a small amount of money you're willing to lose without being negatively affected (How much money is needed to start investing in the stock market?). Even taking you seriously demo account is easier to operate when you know you're not playing your capital. Repeat the success you've had in the demo and consistent is much more difficult to achieve with the real account and even more if you are risking too much money.

Do you think this process too slow?

Personally I think this is the shortest way to become a profitable trader and assuming minimal risk.

The important thing is to grow your trading account slowly but surely. Thanks to the power of compound interest, if not withdraw all your benefits, you accumulate and working with them and maintain adequate risk management, increasing your trading system will be more reliable and your greatest benefits so not need much time to your capital increase considerably.

No need to get carried away by haste or impatience, rather the opposite.

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